Located in Guelph, ON, Excelerated Learning is a Training, Certification and Consulting company, 100% Canadian owned backed by over 25 years of training and development expertise and practical business experience. Excelerated Learning draws its success by establishing partnerships that last, training that works, distinguishable certification testing that validates and on-site custom solutions that improve workplace productivity.

As a Certiport Authorized Testing Center, Excelerated Learning works hard to ensure all trainees are given the tools they need to be successful, not only in their training and certification goals but in their ability to apply what they’ve learned, to accomplish routine tasks quicker and more accurately.
Since 2005 Excelerated Learning has delivered Soft skills training and hands-on computer application learning to thousands of people throughout Canada, the United States and even Australia. We get feedback constantly that our classes are relevant, current and stimulating. That’s not a fluke. That has everything to do with the quality of the trainers and subject matter experts that we hire. Our trainers are fully Certified and qualified Professionals. They are highly regarded in their field of expertise and they are known for providing uncompromised content and delivery.

Regardless of your unique needs and long-range goals, we are confident that our team can deliver training that is useful and impactful beyond the training experience. Our instructors take your learning seriously. We respect your time and we are committed to the success of each client/learner.
We recognize that every company is unique. As such, each organization requires different training solutions that are dependent on many factors and we can’t assume to know the catalyst that got the ball rolling in the first place. To ensure we meet the needs of our clients, we offer a variety of training, certification and coaching solutions. We will collaborate with you to develop a sound strategy that supports your employees’ in their training needs and certification goals. We can also help you maximize your training investment by providing coaching beyond the training experience that helps employees apply the newly learned concepts to real-life work situations.

Plain and simple: People are an organization’s most critical asset! It has been proven many times that engaged, motivated and trained employees are committed to achieving both personal and organizational goals. When employee morale and staff satisfaction levels are high, teams perform better, productivity soars, employee turnover declines and organizations prosper.
Here are just a few of the benefits you will enjoy when scheduling your own On-Site training solution through Excelerated Learning:

Focussed Strategic Approach: Our instructional designers and trainers serve as strategic partners who collaborate with you and ensure business results are clearly defined and achieved. Our results-driven approach ensures the training solutions designed and delivered will hit the mark to improve your business!
Expertise: Our extensive knowledge of business requirements and challenges across various industries allows us to create purposeful recommendations and deliver solutions based on your business objectives and training goals.
Flexibility: We believe one size does not fit all. In order to accommodate your business requirements and understand your needs, goals and mission, WE LISTEN. We collaborate and help you determine the most effective course design, content, trainer and delivery method.
Innovative Delivery: Through our strategic process, we’ll match the ideal trainer based on your organization’s training objectives and the trainer’s capabilities and background. Regardless of what type of interaction you require, we can deliver!
Experiential Training: Participants learn in a “hands-on” and reflective environment that engages both their minds and emotions through a variety of experiential activities. These “unforgettable” and reflective activities develop internal growth and result in a higher level of knowledge and skills that participants can implement immediately to improve their performance.
Virtual Delivery Option: This training solution provides live, instructor-led training with the benefits of saving your organization precious time and money. Our virtual delivery solutions are convenient for training employees in multiple locations and avoiding costly travel expenses. Call us directly to learn how we can deliver virtual for your team and organization.
Convenient: We take the guesswork and worrying about details out of the equation. You let us know what training your group needs, where you’d like the training to be presented and when. We handle everything else.
Results-Oriented: We are devoted to creating measurable business solutions that provide a lasting impact and we conduct quality and satisfaction assessments after each training day to ensure your expectations were met.
The Process is Simple:
Contact us directly. We will work with you to find the right solution for your business. Starting with conversations between our team and your key stakeholders, we will build your training solution from the ground up by following this simple 7-Step Full Service Training Solution process:

1 NEEDS ANALYSIS We provide guidance in building a successful training experience for you, your participants and your organization. Together we will uncover your learning objectives and the training outcome you desire.
2 CHOOSE TOPIC(S) Based on your needs and training goals, we will develop a training solution that includes the relevant training topics that are most important to you, the participants and the company.
3 DEVELOP CONTENT Our instructional designers will customize a program by developing content, examples, exercises and activities that are relevant to your organization.
4 PREPARE FOR TRAINING Our trainer will connect with you prior to the training to discuss the upcoming session and will incorporate your input to tailor the content further.
5 DELIVER TRAINING Our trainer will deliver an interactive workshop full of exercises, games, discussions and quizzes to reinforce learning.
6 ASSESS THE TRAINING Your satisfaction is our priority! Surveys will be distributed at the end of the training session to assess that all objectives were met.
7 SCHEDULE COACHING Coaching can be arranged after the training to maximize your investment and help employee what they learned to their everyday workload.
Call us directly for a confidential quote.
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