UNITY Retake Exam Voucher with GMetrix and Proctor

UNITY Retake Exam Voucher with GMetrix and Proctor


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  • First Attempt UNITY Certified User Exam Voucher
  • Second Chance to Pass a Failed UNITY Certified User Exam
  • Interactive online practice exams by GMetrix for One UNITY Certified User Title
  • Proctor to Administer the First Attempt Exam
  • Valid for 1 Full Year
Can Be Used for One UNITY Exam from the following list of exams:
  • UNITY Certified User - Programmer
  • UNITY Certified User - VR Developer
  • UNITY Certified User - Artist (Expected to be available in Dec, 2020)


This is for test candidates who want the safety of writing a UNITY exam a second time without the expense of a whole new voucher should they fail the first attempt. In order for the retake option to work, test candidates must adhere to the following conditions:
  • The UNITY Retake Exam Voucher with Proctor must be purchased for a specific exam prior to writing that UNITY exam
  • The second attempt must be used on the originally assigned exam and can not be transferred for use with another exam and must be used within 30 days of the original exam date
  • Although the test candidate is not required to pay for a second UNITY exam voucher, they are required to pay $40 for a proctor to administer the exam prior to taking the retake exam

Note about GMetrix:

GMetrix practice exams really are the best indicator of your exam readiness. From our experience, the success rate is much higher for those who use GMetrix as part of their Certification preparation process. One GMetrix code will give you access to the practice tests for 1 full year.

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